Thursday, July 9, 2009

Return to Olympic Victory--Barcelona!

Today's stage bring's the boys to the Costa Brava and Barcelona, the Catalan capitol. Looks like it's raining and Garmin's David Millar is in the break.

It's still going to be too soon today to see what Lance can do in the mountains, but if he's not in form, there are Contador, Kloden, and Leipheimer to take over. Lance could just have it. His climbing got better and better during the Giro d'Italia. Lance was an Olympic cyclist at the Barcelona Olympics, so this area has to have good memories for him. A lot of the big cyclists live at least part of their year training in Spain. Why? The Pyrennees. Look for some big mountain stages there in the days to come.

How about a bit of fizz? Start a long evening of tapas bar hopping in Barcelona with a glass of Mata Reserva Barrica from Agusti Torelli. Oh, it'll cost ya, but since this is a virtual wine and food tour, enjoy! Here's to an already thrilling Tour de France!

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