Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bonjour, Vouvray!

Made of chenin blanc grapes and coming in several varieties from dry to sweet, Vouvray of the Loire is a great pairing for a kind of Touraine style pate called "rillette." Today is another flat sprinter's day rich with castles. Here in the Loire you can visit Chambord, with its double staircase designed for the French king by Leonardo da Vinci, and Chenenceau, pictured above, a showy place built across a river, with a great story of female rivalry, owned first by the lord's wife, and then by his mistress, Diane du Poitier, if memory serves. You must visit Chenenceau if in the Loire Valley for the first time.

Will Cav win again today and end the day in green? Will Team Astana hang tight one more day with no change to the GC standings? Cheers to that!

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