Monday, July 19, 2010

Stage 15: Palmier to Bagneres-de-Luchon

OMG-Andy Schleck just popped his chain off when he was about to attack Contador and potentially drop him, and now he's behind during the descent. Bad luck!

But yesterday I raced a sprint triathlon in Oxnard, CA. The swim was short, but through the surf line, with waves breaking only just beyond us, and I was in a sardine-pack of neoprene-clad women. Breast-stroked and backstroked and caught 2 waves one after the other, and found myself standing up on sand. Ran up the beach a quarter mile to the transition area and after a very slow transition, aka jamming on socks, sunglasses, bike shoes, gloves and helmet (next time, no gloves!) I rode a 12-mile flat course through strawberry fields--the wonderful aroma! I love how racing just makes you faster than you thought you could be--17.4 mph on the bike, which is really fast for me! And a run through some pretty little beachside homes, getting sprayed with water by nice homeowners--not at my fastest running pace, but I haven't been running enough lately. On the bike, I enjoyed cornering, inner knee pointing at the corner, just like I've been seeing almost every day watching the Tour.

We did all that by around 10:00am. And then I ate Eggs Benedict, which I had earned, sort of.

Can't wait to see if Schleck can beat Contador tomorrow. Revenge! As Contador puts on the yellow jersey, the fans are booing him for attacking when his rival had a mechanical, which is not the gentlemanly thing to do, and this is a gentleman's sport! Contador loves to do the wrong thing in order to win. Other teams will be attacking him and Astana tomorrow, maybe just for this breach of etiquette. Will be fun to watch.

Vive le Tour!

A demain!

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