Saturday, July 17, 2010

Stage 13: Rodez to Revel

Watching Stage 13 for the second time and building up to packing for the triathlon tomorrow. I took a look at tomorrow's route, which is a big Pyrenees stage and ends almost in Spain.

It has me thinking about a trip I'd like to take someday when I have the cash. A trip that would include some biking, some watersports along the Costa Brava in Spain, and a dinner at El Bulli, purported to be one of the best restaurants in the world. The dishes in the photo above were made there. I think it was an episode of Bourdain that planted the seeds of this dream. Molecular gastronomy, that kind of cuisine that seems to be alchemy meets modern art. I must try it. And I understand the Costa Brava is a great place to windsurf. That would be great to try again, now that I'm kind of an athlete.

It looks like it's going to be a clash of the titans between Andy Schleck and Alberto Contador, and a fight for third place, which I hope Levi Leipheimer will win. Just one more week and loads of drama to come. And maybe Lance will treat us all to watching him win a stage. What a great way to go out. Menchov, the dark horse who won the Giro in 2009, could try something special.

Meanwhile, I will continue entering my daily code words in the Cadillac Lead the Pack Sweepstakes and spin that wheel and land on "Sorry Try Again". By now I should have at least won a Cadillac water bottle, or a sweatband or cheesy tire gauge, or something like that. But, of course, what I really want is the trip to the 2011 Tour. My grand prize will probably be spam.

Apparently Gerard Depardieu owns a vineyard in this area, and in its first year, the grapes were harvested by journalists. This part of France was actually Spain until 1659, and it is part of Catalonia. The culture becomes a bit Spanish here. Makes me crave paella.

Can Contador drop Schleck in the mountains? We may find out tomorrow. I'll be lying down after my tri.

Go Team Disney!

Vive le Tour! A demain!

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