Monday, May 17, 2010

Stage 10: Avellino to Bitonto

Tomorrow's stage takes the riders from the Tirrenian sea above Paestum to the Adriatic in Puglia. In the ancient world this entire area was a colony of Greece and so in Paestum there are ancient Greek temples, and the food, culture and music are still strongly influenced by Greece. But after the Roman empire fell, first the Lombards and then the Normans conquered these lands and exploited the local people.

Nowadays they grow lots of wonderful produce in Puglia--tomatoes, peppers, olives. And Bitonto is famous for its olive oil.

For this stage, have a calzone--a doughy turnover with veggies on top and cheese in the middle, and a glass of Primitivo--a simple but delicious IGT wine from Puglia. Or, if you can get it, try some sea urchin.

Viva il Giro! Viva Italia

A domani!

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