Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wine Regions of France

Here is a lovely map of the wine regions of France, which you can buy full size from Omnimaps. Copyright owned by Vinmaps. Notice how the Tour will be going through some major wine destinations. As my husband and I love to say, if they grow wine there, it's gorgeous, it's rolling, and it's awesome bike riding country. The Tour will start with a time trial in Monaco, on July 4th. I'll most likely be watching with a glass of rose' in hand. People, in America, we need to discover how wonderful rose' can be. And the wines of the Cote d'Azur are the perfect way to learn this. I hesitate to post about them, because I want them to stay reasonable in price and not go up like my good friend prosecco has! On a totally unrelated note, Bravo Fabian Cancellara! He won the Tour de Suisse time trial this morning! Nice to see him smiling. Been a tough season for him.

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