Thursday, June 25, 2009

Le Tour-Team Astana, Ladies and Gentlemen

Love this bombastic flash movie to announce and laud the Astana team. How could I not buy their t-shirt? Can't wait to see it all unfold on the roads of la France!

Next year, though, can Astana either become Team Mellow Johnny, or please it's time for a logo redesign. I'm just sayin, I don't need my team's logo to look quite so much like Anheiser Busch's, although I will probably consume some of that sort of product during le Tour, but only if it pair's well. Last time I was in France, it was all about Stella Artois and 1664 and Kronenbourg, but this year's tour doesn't go into Belgium, I don't think. Time to study up on the stages!

Here's the Astana Movie:

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